Naransukh Damiran


Naransukh Damiran
Senior Faculty, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

Naransukh Damiran completed an MPH in 2008 at Health Sciences University of Mongolia and wrote a master thesis entitled "The Study on Working Condition of Tannery in Ulaanbaatar". Then he earned the master degree of science in Occupational Environmental Hygiene from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2013. Finally, he earned a PhD in medical sciences from the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. His thesis was entitled “Evaluate the risks of adverse health effects from asbestos exposure in the workplace”.

He has been actively involved in research and professional activities in the occupational and environmental health field. He was awarded fellowships for the 2nd International Program on Occupational Health at University of Illinois at Chicago 2010, and the Fogarty Training Program at Johns Hopkins University in 2011. Also, Dr. Naransukh was awarded Occupational Health Researcher of the Year in 2014 from the Munkhchuluun Foundation.