Student Attendance Policy

ICUMS believes that attendance is very important for success in a student's degree program. Attendance for one week during the semester is defined as the student having viewed each posted material for the week at least one time during that week. This includes viewing PDFs, lecture videos, readings, and any other materials posted for a particular week. The e-learning system keeps a record of the students’ viewing of these materials, so that at the end of the week the teacher will know if the student has viewed all materials or not. If the student has not viewed all materials for a particular week, they will receive a zero for attendance for that week.

A student must have credit for attendance for two thirds of the weeks for a course. This means that if the semester is 12 weeks, they must have attendance for at least 8 of these 12 weeks. If the student does not attend for at least two thirds of the weeks of the course, they will receive a failing grade for the course and need to reenroll in the course and pay for the course again. Even if with a low attendance the student could achieve a passing grade according to the course’s grading criteria, the student still cannot pass the course without fulfilling the two-thirds requirement.

As an ICUMS student, I understand and agree to abide by this Student Attendance Policy.

You must agree to these conditions in order to be a student at ICUMS.