ICUMS courses  - Fall 2015

Course objectives
• To learn the structure of medical papers
• To prepare short speeches and presentation on the scientific research
• To develop the language skills including listening, reading and writing


General provisions

One of the main activity directions of Master of Public Health training is to carry out the training on gaining a knowledge and capability of research methodology, epidemiology among doctors, health workers and researchers who are working medical and public health sector.



We spend 1/3 of lifetime in workplace, and exposed to hazards including dust, noise, ionization radiation, and chemicals at workplaces. Therefore workplace is one of important factors to determine workers health status. In industrialized world, one of public health priorities is to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards, and to prevent from occupational diseases or illness. Read more ...

Teachers: Naransukh DamiranНандин-Эрдэнэ Баярт

Scientific research plays a very important role in our efforts to maintain health and combating diseases. Research helps us create new knowledge and develop proper tools for the use of existing knowledge. 

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